We are proudly considered the premier dental contractor in the Lowcountry. Listed below are several of our dental clients. Company owner, Pete McKellar, has been a leader in the dental market since day one, and he is an expert in Pre-Construction services relating to dental projects. All of Harbor Contracting’s superintendents are also exceedingly experienced in dental construction. We are proud of our ability to negotiate, price and build the best dental facilities in South Carolina.

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Our Dental Clients



Dr. Jeff Laro – New Office Building
Dr. Adam Clark
Dr. Ron Banik
Dr. Jim Beall
Patterson Dental Office
Kids Dental Zoo
Dr. Gloria Pipkin
Dr. Ron Cooper
Dr. Frederick Soloman
Dr. Carrie Niemann – 1st Office
Dr. Jeffrey Laro – 1st Office
Dr. Bradley Nirenblatt
Dr. Jim Lesch
Dr. George Deussing
Dr. Roland Fulcher
Dr. Wolf Bueschgen
Dr. Mark Yampolsky
Dr. Devon Parks
Dr. Sal Livreri

blank Dr. Chris Maltezos
Dr. Richard J. Rutecki, Jr.
Dr. Marshall Miller
Drs. Bailey & Watson
Dr. Steve Crossland
Dr. Julie Long
Dr. Edward Strauss
Patterson Dental Office Expansion #2
Dr. Kenneth Barrack
Dr. Mayur Patel
Dr. Nicole Dahlkemper
Dr. Craig Rhyne
Dr. Courtney Shelbourne
Dr. Carrie Niemann – 2nd Office
Dr. Tara Griffin
Dr. Jeff Gardner
Dr. Keith Wickizer
Dr. Mat Swenson
Harbor Contracting
Comercial Construction Specialists